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5 Fall Lawn Care Tips


Within the next five months, your lawn will go from green with grass, to orange with leaves, to white with snow.  It might seem unnecessary to take care of your lawn once summer has ended, however, now is the perfect time to get your lawn ready for spring.  Here are five lawn care tips that will make your lawn beautiful for the seasons to come.

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1.    Keep the Mowing Going

It is important to keep mowing your lawn until the snow falls.  The length of the grass can make or break the success of your grass in the spring.  Try to keep the grass 2-2 ½ inches in the fall.  If it is taller than this, the grass will mat and that can lead to snow mold.  If it is shorter than this, the ability for the grass to make and store food for growth in the spring will be affected

2.    It Might be a Bother, but Continue to Water

Even though the temperatures are falling and your grass may not seem dry, it is important to keep watering because the grass continues to grow in the fall and water is important for the grass to maintain growth.  Try to water until the ground starts to freeze or the temperature becomes cold.

3.    Be Wise and Fertilize

Fall is the best time of the year to fertilize because the fertilizer gives essential nutrients for the grass to grow deep roots and keep the nutrients stored up for spring.  Another reason why it is smart to fertilize in the fall is because the grass leaves grow much more slowly as cooler weather moves in but the grass roots continue to grow quickly.

4.    It’s Not Too Late to Aerate

Aeration is very important because it opens air channels, improves drainage, and loosens soil.  Be sure that your aeration method pulls plugs of soil instead of just creating holds in the ground.

5.    Your Lawn is at Stake, Be Sure to Rake

Although raking isn’t the most enjoyable task, it is important for your lawn.  Raking leaves as soon as some have fallen is crucial to the success of your lawn.  If you wait too long to rake, the leaves can become wet, which causes them to mat and suffocate your grass. 

Fall has arrived and Ehlinger Lawn Care Service is ready to prepare your lawn for spring! We have the tools and experience to ensure your lawn is taken care of. Give us a call so we can help make your lawn beautiful!

Advantages of Chemical and Organic Fertilizer


Chemical and Organic

At Ehlinger Lawn Service you have the option of chemical or organic fertilizer. The biggest advantages of chemical fertilizer are that it works fast and efficient. Organic fertilizer has many advantages but the biggest advantages would be plant growth and safety. 

Chemical Fertilizer: Works Fast and Efficient 

The biggest advantage of chemical fertilizer is that it acts fast. Chemical fertilizers adsorb into plants much more quickly than organic fertilizers; thus your grass becomes lush and green faster. If you have plants or grass that are in dire need of nourishment, chemical fertilizer may be your best option because it gives nutrients to plants immediately. Organic fertilizers supply nutrients to plants slower than chemical fertilizers. If your plants are becoming brown in color or need to be brought back to health quickly, choose chemical fertilizer over organic. Chemical fertilizer also tends to be more cost effective than organic fertilizer.

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Organic Fertilizer: Plant Growth

Organic fertilizers release nutrients much more slowly than chemical fertilizers. The benefit is that plants have a steady and continuous flow of nutrients; thus plants grow bigger and stronger. It also allows plants to hold nutrients and water with ease, which encourages plant growth. Organic fertilizer is not only healthy for plants but it is also healthier for people and animals that come into contact with it.

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Organic Fertilizer: Safety

Organic fertilizer does not contain any chemicals that could harm family members. Using organic fertilizer will give you “peace of mind” when your child or pet is playing in your newly organically fertilized lawn. Unlike chemical fertilizers, your family members can put their toes in between newly organic fertilized grass without having to worry about harmful chemicals clinging to their skin. Since there are no harmful chemicals in organic fertilizer, you and your family will have more time to enjoy your lush green lawn. 

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Minnesota summers tend not to last very long, so take advantage of the summer time we have and make your lawn look great. When choosing a fertilizer (whether it is organic or chemical) you need to make the choice that best fits your lifestyle. At Ehlinger Lawn service we give you a variety of fertilizer choices. Learn about our fertilizer choices here.

How To Get A Healthy Lawn Tip # 3 Fertilize it!!



Fertilizer "feeds" your lawn to give it a rich, dark green turf color.  It keeps your lawn healthy and thick while it kdescribe the imageeeps the weeds out.  Fertilizer provides nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and certain key elements like iron.  The root absorbs these nutrients along with ait and water.  Sunlight helps turn these nutrients into sugars, which are used to fuel plant processes such and maintenance and growth.  Fall fertilizing stimulates root-development during the dormant period and fuels re-growth in the spring.



Dont forget to contact us for some spring time savings and season long fertilizer packages and some big savings!!

How To Get A Healthy Lawn Tip #1: Dethatch It!


Getting and maintaining a healthy lawn goes beyond lawn mowing and fertilizing. Here are some lawn care tips on how you can have a beautiful lawn.

Tip#1: Dethatch it!Lawn Dethatching

Thatch is the matted layer of dead and living stepms, roots, and organic matter that forms in most lawns above the soil. Thatch is a natural part of growing turf, and a small amount is actually healthy. It conserved moisture and provides a source of new humus as it decomposes.


However, when the soil in your lawn can’t break down thatch as fast as its building up, a lot of problems can result. It becomes a breeding place for both insects adn diseases and matted thatch actually sheds water. Dethatching removes a lot of thatch allowing your lawn to break the rest down naturally.


As part of our lawn care at Ehlinger Lawn Service, we help maintain the health of you lawn by using dethatching racks to get down to the core soil. Then we clean up the dethatched grass we bring up so your lawn looks great.  


Do your part for the environment, invest in a healthy, well-maintained lawn. A healthy turf filters ground-water and absorbs pollutants, dust and pollen.

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