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Summer Lawn Care Tips

There is nothing more exciting, especially for us “Minnesnowtans,” when what seems like the quickest season of them all, summer, finally makes an appearance. In all of its glory, it brings blue skies, an abundance of UV rays, refreshing lake water temperatures, and last but not least, green grass. A well-maintained lawn can do wonders for the aesthetic beauty of a home or property. Here are three important tips straight from the experts at Ehlinger Lawn Service that will help make your lawn the nicest on the block.

Adequate Watering

Did you know a typical lawn needs one inch of water a week to maintain sufficient growth? If Mother Nature is not supplying enough hydration and you choose to use an irrigation system, make sure to water at the most beneficial time. Early mornings are best because they allow time for absorption before the sun’s radiance and high temperatures soak up all of the moisture.

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One of the most common mistakes people make when caring for their lawn is cutting the grass too short. If you think you may be an offender of this, during your next mow, try moving the blade up just one notch. This minor adjustment will allow the grass to obtain larger amounts of moisture. Plus, it will give your grass the ability to absorb more sunlight, which will ultimately be used as an energy source to provide nutrients throughout the growth cycle. 

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All of the Trimmings

Even though it may look neat and tidy when it is finished, bagging your grass might not be the best thing for your lawn. The excess clippings can actually be used as an inexpensive form of fertilization. They will not only provide an extra form of shade on those scorching hot summer days but also redistribute their nutrients to help maintain a healthy landscape.

The best part about all of our lawn care tips is that they are as simple as they are effective. Most people have a general idea of how to take care of their lawn, but by implementing these three easy techniques into your lawn management repertoire, the results are sure to speak for themselves.