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Show Your Lawn Some Love

Everyone knows what it’s like to have a neighbor with an incredible lawn and to want your own lawn to look just as good. Instead of spending hours wondering how your neighbors get their lawns to look so gorgeous, follow these tips to help grow a lush green lawn.

Mow High

When you mow your lawn, you will want to set your lawn mower to 3 or 4 inches high. This will make it so you only mow off the top of the blades and the grass will grow longer and fuller. It will also overshadow potential weeds and stop them from taking over your lawn. An article on lawn care says the sensitive growing point for weeds is at the top of the plant and the sensitive growing point for grass is near the soil, so when you mow high, you are killing the weeds but protecting the sensitive point for the grass. Overall, mowing high yields more shade to the soil, deeper roots which leads to less watering, thicker turf which leads to fewer weeds, and slower growth which leads to less mowing.

Watering Your Lawn

Some "rules of thumb" on watering your lawn:

First, we recommend watering as early in the morning as you can to prevent your efforts from evaporating once the sun and temps rise throughout the day.

Second, try to water for longer periods of time and less frequent. You want to saturate the soil each time you water. This means you should apply 1" to 2” of water a week. This encourages roots to grow deeper where the moisture stays and not have to fight for water near the surface.

Signs of a thirsty lawn are a loss of the "vibrant green" color and the blades wont spring back when walked on

Soil Depth

Your soil should be around 18 inches deep to allow for deep-rooted, healthy grass. If you are having trouble getting anything to grow in your yard, your soil might need more high quality dirt. One great way to help is to mix topsoil and compost on your lawn and start from scratch.

Everyone wants a beautiful lawn, but summer gets so busy it is hard to keep it up. We can help you create and maintain a beautiful lawn all year! Check out our website to learn more about our services.