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Quality Lawn Care Begins in the Spring

If you would like to have a healthy, gorgeous lawn year round, it is important to start caring for your lawn in the spring as soon as the snow disappears. As winter comes to an end, many homeowners become anxious as they begin planning for the spring. From cleaning to mowing and seeding, proper spring lawn care covers a range of responsibilities. Taking care of your lawn in the spring will help to limit the additional work throughout the summer, giving you less work and more time to enjoy your lush, thick carpet of green grass.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Dethatching: Thatch is a combination of dead grass, grass clippings, and leaves. This thatch creates a layer over your grass preventing the growth of new grass seeds. The process of dethatching your lawn is going over it with a rake or a special dethatching rake to pick up all the dead debris to make it easier for new grass to grow.


Fertilizing: Chances are, your lawn is still holding onto fertilizer from last fall. Too much fertilizer in the spring can cause weed problems, which is why it is important to create a specialized plan for fertilizing your lawn's needs.

Aeration: Aerating your lawn in the spring is critical to helping your grass grow. The freezing temps and compacting snow make it hard for nutrients to penetrate the ground. Aerating allows your soil temperature to rise and lets air and water get to the roots.

Seeding: The winter snow can cause your lawn to be left with bare brown patches or areas that didn't receive enough nutrients from your fall fertilizer. The best solution to fix the bare spots is to fill it in with grass seed. Applying a fertilizer to the bare spots after you lay the seeds will give your grass more of an opportunity to grow back before summer arrives.

As part of our lawn care at Ehlinger Lawn Service, we help maintain the health of your lawn. If your schedule doesn't allow you time to complete your spring lawn care, please contact us and see how we can help make your lawn lush and thick this summer.