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Mosquito-repellent Planting

April is National Lawn and Garden Month! Now is a good time to do some research about how to enhance your yard before summer hits. There are many things you could do to change how your yard looks, but did you know you could use the look of your yard for utility purposes?

There are certain grasses and plants you can use around your yard to prevent Minnesota’s famous pests- mosquitoes-  from spoiling your fun outside. Here are a few of the most common plants to grow to prevent mosquitoes:

  • Citronella Grass- plant this in a planter, because even though it’s a grass, it can’t handle frost. It is also lemon-scented, so your yard will always smell fresh!
  • Catnip- a favorite to our feline friends, this plant has the potential to be more effective than deet on repelling mosquitoes.
  • Rosemary- even if it doesn’t succeed in keeping all of the mosquitoes away, at least you have some fresh herbs!
  • Geraniums- not only do they repel bugs, but they are pretty to look at. Geraniums come in a few different colors and varieties to spruce up your yard while helping to combat the bugs.


If you are having a hard time deciding what to plant to repel mosquitoes, almost any plant that has a lemon scent tends to be effective against them. If you aren’t a fan of Citronella Grass, you could try Lemon Thyme, Lemon Balm, Lemon Verbena, or Lemon Grass.

Having too many mosquitoes around your yard in the summer can put a damper on outside activities. Planting some of these plants might be a little work, but will make your outdoor fun more enjoyable this summer.