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Make Your Backyard a Camping Destination

With summer now upon you, it’s time to take a moment and consider how you can make the most of the longer and warmer days. 

When it comes to planning your summer, there’s no better place to consider than the one that’s closest and most accessible: your own backyard. While camping trips “up north” to enjoy life on the lake and time with family are undeniably nostalgia-inducing, they can also come with their fair share of inconveniences. Lots of packing and planning, long drives, and swarms of relentless mosquitos are just a few added headaches. 

Instead, you can maximize your free time by making the most of the outdoor space right behind your home.


The anticipation that comes with travel adds to the overall excitement, and naturally, the same is true for camping in the backyard. Build anticipation by setting the date. Let your family members know what’s coming. Set up a tent or a tarp and make a little sign or decoration to mark your campsite. Make sure everyone knows that this is something to get excited about.


Plan a menu that you can cook and enjoy outside. There are plenty of delicious foods that you can cook over a campfire; hot dogs and shish kebabs make great options. Whatever your main course is, you’ll want to leave room for at least one s’more.


Leave devices behind in favor of low-tech fun: sing a song by the fire or play a card or board game in the tent. Set up yard games or host a water balloon fight. Enjoy conversations, jokes and funny memories that otherwise wouldn’t come up if you didn’t take the time to enjoy a backyard campout.

If the idea of a backyard campout outdated and slow-paced for you, remember that the fun of camping is all about trading in the everyday for something different. However you decide to plan your backyard campout, just make sure you’re not going about your regular routine. Remember, this is a camping staycation after all. So, make it special!


If your lawn isn’t quite up to snuff to host a backyard campout, contact Ehlinger Lawn Service. From weed and pest control to landscaping, we’ll transform your backyard into a relaxing vacation destination!