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As much as we hate to say it, the winter season is right around the corner. These days, it seems like Mother Nature really has a mind of her own. Which means it’s best to be prepared when it comes to the weather. Aside from the few of those crazy, cold weather lovin’ Minnesotans, no one really likes to see hear that a winter storm is headed our way. So make it easier on yourself and let a professional take care of the dirty work! Here are the benefits of doing so:

  1. Safety: This is always at the top of our list of concerns for our customers as we would like to think it’s at the top of yours as well. Whether you’re a business that sees hundreds of customers on a daily basis or simply just want the area around your home to be well maintained, we’re up for the job. There are way too many people who suffer from all kinds of injuries each winter season because of slippery conditions that could easily be avoided by a phone call to Ehlinger. 
  2. Finances: This is a big factor for businesses. As a business, you aren’t just liable for what goes on when customers step foot in the door. You are equally as responsible for what happens outside of the doors while they’re on your property. The biggest issue is typically slippery sidewalks or handicapped parking spaces that can’t be seen due to unplowed snow. Both of these scenarios could cost tons of money in the long run if legal actions are taken; much more expensive than employing a professional to ensure your property is always taken care of.
  3. Experience: This reason sort of speaks for itself. When you hire a professional from Ehlinger, you are guaranteed top of the line service. Every one of our staff members is well trained; meaning they know how to successfully maintain and preserve the surface of your property. Bless the heart of the guy up the street for wanting to lend a helping hand but most likely, there’s going to be tire ruts left in your lawn or plow blade scratches on the surface of your asphalt if the job isn’t done by someone with experience.

 This year, get ahead of the game and call Ehlinger Lawn Care Services today to solidify your winter snow removal strategy. Trust us, it’ll make the season a little easier to bear! 

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