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Lazy Summer Done Right!

You work hard all year long! You deserve to have one worry free summer to be just plain lazy! Wouldn't you agree?

At Ehlinger Lawn Service, we know how much you deserve to have a summer free to do WHATEVER you want! We are giving you the chance to win FREE LAWN CARE for (you guessed it) the ENTIRE SUMMER!! Once you win, feel free to use these suggestions on how to make this summer the LAZIEST one you have ever had! 

Wear comfortable clothing. We recommend basketball shorts and a tank. The more comfortable, the easier it will be to take a nap. 

Buy a hammock. Hammocks are perfect to relax in the sun and take a nap. (be careful not to get tangled up.. It would require way too much effort to get yourself untangled!)

Read a book. Find a SUPER interesting book. After you've read a few pages, reward yourself with a nap. 

Go to the beach. Pack up the family or grab some friends and find a nice sunny spot on the beach. Take a nap while catching some rays. 

Watch TV reruns. Turn on your favorite TV show and watch it for hours on end. Don't forget to take a quick nap. 

Have a picnic. Pack plenty of food and drinks. After you eat, take a nap.

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Don't waste your time mowing, trimming, and blowing clippings from your driveway this summer! Instead, do NOTHING! With Ehlinger's Lazy Summer Giveaway you will have plenty of time to do WHATEVER you want WHENEVER you want to do it. Be lazy, you deserve it!