environmentally friendly lawn fertilizing

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Environmentally Friendly

At Ehlinger Lawn Service we use only environmentally-safe fertilizer treatments and we do it using only the best procedures. Unlike many other lawn services, we provide you with a choice between granular slow release fertilizers or organic fertilizers. 

GRANULAR SLOW RELEASE - These are the types of fertilizers used on golf courses and most recommended by agriculture experts. These fertilizers provide continual feeding of your lawn gradually over time, and furnish proper nutrient uptake through the roots of the lawn.

ORGANIC -  Ehlinger Lawn uses premium quality organic fertilizer for seasonal lawn and turf grass care. Our organic mix is formulated with complex carbohydrates, macro and micro nutrients, amino acids, enzymes, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

THE BEST PROCEDURES - Ehlinger Lawn treats your lawn with our "best procedures" system. Very simply put, this means that we do not apply products for problems that do not exist. For example, we do not mix fertilizer, weed control, or any other products in large generic quantities to be applied to every lawn regardless of need. This allows Ehlinger Lawn to help your lawn with specific problems while minimizing the impact of such treatments.