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Importance of Lawn Care

Everyone wants to have that beautiful lush green lawn, but other than looks, why is it so important to take care of your lawn? There are a few eye-opening reasons to why lawn care is important and a few simple tips help with good lawn care:

Benefits of a healthy lawn

  • According to the Lawn Doctor, a healthy lawn creates plenty of oxygen (a 50 foot by 50 foot lawn produces enough oxygen for a family of four).
  • Purifies water by capturing and breaking down pollutants.
  • Increases property value and marketability.
  • Thick healthy grass makes it extremely difficult for weeds to grow
  • Provides a safe landscape for sports and activities.


Simple lawn care tips

Fertilizing is important and should be done twice a year-- once in the Spring and once in the Fall. You can also add a third time during the year if necessary, around mid summer. It is important to get a fertilizer that not only has nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium, but also provides micronutrients such as sulfur, copper, and iron.

The best way to prevent weeds, contrary to belief, is to grow such a healthy lawn that the weeds get choked out. Mowing on a regular basis helps as well, by cutting off the tops of weeds and dandelions before they get the chance to spread their seeds.

Aeration is another great way to ensure your grass is getting all the proper nutrients it needs to grow. When grass gets too compacted, it makes it hard for the nutrients to penetrate through to the roots, where they are most needed. Aeration is a great way to allow the nutrients an easy access to the roots.

Everyone wants to have a beautiful lawn, but not everyone has the time to properly maintain their yard. Thats where we can help! Checkout our website to learn about our services and see what we can offer for your yard.