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How to Give Back to Nature Through Your Yard and Outdoor Space

Our yards are our little pieces of nature.

They’re not just places where wildlife happen to stop by. They’re part of the environment, and that’s a beautiful thing.

The good news? There are ways to make your outdoor space an even better place for wildlife to visit.

1. Plant the Right Flowers

Native plants aren’t only beautiful and colorful, but they also help attract native animals. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ website gives tips to know which plants are native to your region and landscaping advice to arrange them in a beautiful way.

In addition, native plants are already well-suited for the environment. You won’t have to work as hard to help them grow!

2. Help Out the Wildlife

Strategically placing bird baths, natural puddles or ponds in your yard can help attract beautiful birds. In addition, bird feeders give wildlife extra incentive to visit your yard. Do your research and pick out a feeder that is safe for all wildlife and will attract the types of birds you want in your yard.

Bird-friendly landscaping will keep away pests, pollinate flowers and even keep weeds away. In addition, watching birds in your yard is a relaxing way to enjoy nature.

3. Step Back a Little Bit

You probably don’t need too much convincing on this one. Too much hands-on care in your backyard can actually drive away wildlife in the long run. 

Resist the urge to cut down your flowers in the winter. Keeping them as-is actually provides a little habitat for all sorts of beneficial creatures. Avoid cutting trees down, if you can, which provide natural shade and nesting territory. Rake dead leaves in a pile and leave them be-- they will break down into mulch, and provide a little home for frogs and worms.

If you’re like many Minnesotans, you don’t want to waste your summer away doing yard work. That’s where Ehlinger Lawn Service comes in.

We’re available for residential lawn care, fertilizer, weed control and snow removal, keeping your lawn in tip-top shape for you as well as all the beautiful critters that stop by.