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How To Get A Healthy Lawn Tip #1: Dethatch It!

Getting and maintaining a healthy lawn goes beyond lawn mowing and fertilizing. Here are some lawn care tips on how you can have a beautiful lawn.

Tip#1: Dethatch it!Lawn Dethatching

Thatch is the matted layer of dead and living stepms, roots, and organic matter that forms in most lawns above the soil. Thatch is a natural part of growing turf, and a small amount is actually healthy. It conserved moisture and provides a source of new humus as it decomposes.


However, when the soil in your lawn can’t break down thatch as fast as its building up, a lot of problems can result. It becomes a breeding place for both insects adn diseases and matted thatch actually sheds water. Dethatching removes a lot of thatch allowing your lawn to break the rest down naturally.


As part of our lawn care at Ehlinger Lawn Service, we help maintain the health of you lawn by using dethatching racks to get down to the core soil. Then we clean up the dethatched grass we bring up so your lawn looks great.  


Do your part for the environment, invest in a healthy, well-maintained lawn. A healthy turf filters ground-water and absorbs pollutants, dust and pollen.