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How To Create A Beautiful Yard

Have you ever driven by a home and had to take a second or third look at their yard because of how well it was landscaped? It’s okay to admit you were envious when you couldn’t spot a single weed! Maybe you justified your jealously by saying you just don’t have the time to put in that effort with your own yard. We’re not saying that it doesn’t take a little time and patience, but you too can have that curb appeal by being efficient with your time. Here are some tips on weed and grub control that you can use anywhere from the landscaping to the garden:

Adjust the blade of your lawn mower. Moving the blade setting up one notch higher will create more shade for weed seeds which makes it more difficult for weeds to grow. After all, we want to make it as hard on them as possible when it comes to reproducing!

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There’s an old saying about weed control that says, “Pull when wet; hoe when dry”. Try to keep this in mind because it still holds true today. It’s easier to effectively pull weeds (roots and all) when the soil is damp.

Using mulch to fill in the gaps between landscaping is one of the best weed control tactics. A few inches of mulch not only prevents weed germination and growth but also seals in moisture for the plants that you actually want to grow.

Sometimes, just pulling weeds won’t get the job done. This is when you might want to consider using a weed control. Herbicides kill weeds all the way down to their roots instead of only getting rid of the head of the weed which is what happens when pulling. Also, do a little research when deciding what type of control to use; it’ll vary depending on the area of land you’re working on.

One of the most important things to remember is that a beautiful landscape or garden isn’t going to happen overnight. Break up whatever area you may be tackling into small sections so it’s an adequate amount of land to manage at one time. Be realistic with your goals and slowly but surely, you’ll have the ultimate landscape.