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Grubs, Grubs, Grubs

Wondering if you have grubs in your lawn?  Some say that this is going to be a year for the grubs and that they come in cycles.  Ask yourself some of the following questions:

Does your lawn look dry, yet you keep pouring the water on it? 
Does it look spotty? 
Maybe you have some nice healthy green spots, but dead, dry spots just a foot away?
Are there little holes that look like squirrels or something have been building a city in your yard? 
All these symptoms can be caused by grubs.

The dry look of your lawn is because grubs feed off the roots of the plant, loosing your grass's ability to withstand any stress. If you are able to grab hold of the turf and almost pick it up in sheets with little to no resistance, the root structure is gone.  You may even be able to see the white grubs underneath that top layer.  Nine times out of ten, all the little holes that are being dug are being caused by skunks that feed off the grubs. 

The best treatment would be some form of an insecticide, whether it be a granular that is applied or a liquid.  We do have a safe granular that can be applied, and you would be able to go play in your yard right after the application as there is no waiting period  If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call.