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Eliminate Mosquitoes From Your Yard with Ehlinger Lawn Service

Summer is almost here, and it’s the perfect time to enjoy your beautiful lawn that has been hiding all winter long. Summer is a time for running around, playing yard games, grilling outdoors and most importantly, summer fires!

However, as Minnesotans know all too well, there is one daunting little pest that can really take the fun out of enjoying your lawn this summer. You guessed it- mosquitoes! Not only do they ruin the summer days leaving everyone itchy and annoyed, they also are a huge health concern due to mosquito-borne illness.

At Ehlinger, we understand that there is a problem associated with the mosquitoes in your yard and we want to partner with you to protect your family and friends. We offer mosquito control service that will give you a mosquito-free yard all summer.

How it works is simple: Our technicians spray a fine mist of our exclusive, concentrated mosquito control agent over your entire yard. Then, our technicians seek out areas of your yard where mosquitoes tend to breed. After your yard is treated, we return every 3-5 weeks (depending on rainfall) to apply another application.

Fact: Mosquitoes lay eggs on the surface of standing water. Inspect your yard for standing water, even the barest amount (like a flower pot or bird bath) is enough for the pests to generate. If you have a bird bath or a water dish for your pet, empty it and fill it with fresh water to not only deter mosquitos but also protect the animals in your yard.

Learn more about our Mosquito Yard Guard on our website.