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Benefits of Fertilizing your Lawn

Mowing the grass isn’t the only thing to do to keep your lawn looking nice and fresh. Fertilizing is a huge part of keeping it thick and green, as well as trim. If you aren’t convinced, here are a few reasons why you should fertilize your lawn:

Fertilizing your lawn reduces the chances of weed growth.

According to RedBeacon, a thick, healthy lawn is naturally resistant to weed growth. If your lawn is covered with lush grass, where is there room for weeds to grow? Fertilizer could help reduce weed growth on your lawn over a long period of time, whereas just using weed killer will get rid of the weeds, but won’t prevent them from coming back- only a healthy lawn will do that!

Fertilization protects your investment in new turf.

Purchasing an entire new lawn isn’t cheap, so you want it to look nice as long as possible. Fertilizing your lawn before the new grass is installed is a must to provide your new grass with a nutrient-rich environment and prevent wasting time and money.

Fertilizing your lawn improves the root system of the grass as well as the color and thickness of the blades.

The Lawn Barber doesn’t want your grass to be so dry and weak that it is ruined just by walking on it. Fertilizing your lawn will help prevent that from happening, even after it has rained and the ground is soft. Fertilizer works its way down to the roots of your grass, making it stronger. It will be less likely to be torn up by walking, playing, and even mowing. Strong roots are also able to absorb more water, which means muddy lawns after it rains will be less likely. The grass will absorb most of the water to keep it thick and healthy, which leaves less to sit on your lawn and make a muddy mess.

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