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Advantages of Chemical and Organic Fertilizer

Chemical and Organic

At Ehlinger Lawn Service you have the option of chemical or organic fertilizer. The biggest advantages of chemical fertilizer are that it works fast and efficient. Organic fertilizer has many advantages but the biggest advantages would be plant growth and safety. 

Chemical Fertilizer: Works Fast and Efficient 

The biggest advantage of chemical fertilizer is that it acts fast. Chemical fertilizers adsorb into plants much more quickly than organic fertilizers; thus your grass becomes lush and green faster. If you have plants or grass that are in dire need of nourishment, chemical fertilizer may be your best option because it gives nutrients to plants immediately. Organic fertilizers supply nutrients to plants slower than chemical fertilizers. If your plants are becoming brown in color or need to be brought back to health quickly, choose chemical fertilizer over organic. Chemical fertilizer also tends to be more cost effective than organic fertilizer.

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Organic Fertilizer: Plant Growth

Organic fertilizers release nutrients much more slowly than chemical fertilizers. The benefit is that plants have a steady and continuous flow of nutrients; thus plants grow bigger and stronger. It also allows plants to hold nutrients and water with ease, which encourages plant growth. Organic fertilizer is not only healthy for plants but it is also healthier for people and animals that come into contact with it.

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Organic Fertilizer: Safety

Organic fertilizer does not contain any chemicals that could harm family members. Using organic fertilizer will give you “peace of mind” when your child or pet is playing in your newly organically fertilized lawn. Unlike chemical fertilizers, your family members can put their toes in between newly organic fertilized grass without having to worry about harmful chemicals clinging to their skin. Since there are no harmful chemicals in organic fertilizer, you and your family will have more time to enjoy your lush green lawn. 

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Minnesota summers tend not to last very long, so take advantage of the summer time we have and make your lawn look great. When choosing a fertilizer (whether it is organic or chemical) you need to make the choice that best fits your lifestyle. At Ehlinger Lawn service we give you a variety of fertilizer choices. Learn about our fertilizer choices here.