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5 Fall Lawn Care Tips

Within the next five months, your lawn will go from green with grass, to orange with leaves, to white with snow.  It might seem unnecessary to take care of your lawn once summer has ended, however, now is the perfect time to get your lawn ready for spring.  Here are five lawn care tips that will make your lawn beautiful for the seasons to come.

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1.    Keep the Mowing Going

It is important to keep mowing your lawn until the snow falls.  The length of the grass can make or break the success of your grass in the spring.  Try to keep the grass 2-2 ½ inches in the fall.  If it is taller than this, the grass will mat and that can lead to snow mold.  If it is shorter than this, the ability for the grass to make and store food for growth in the spring will be affected

2.    It Might be a Bother, but Continue to Water

Even though the temperatures are falling and your grass may not seem dry, it is important to keep watering because the grass continues to grow in the fall and water is important for the grass to maintain growth.  Try to water until the ground starts to freeze or the temperature becomes cold.

3.    Be Wise and Fertilize

Fall is the best time of the year to fertilize because the fertilizer gives essential nutrients for the grass to grow deep roots and keep the nutrients stored up for spring.  Another reason why it is smart to fertilize in the fall is because the grass leaves grow much more slowly as cooler weather moves in but the grass roots continue to grow quickly.

4.    It’s Not Too Late to Aerate

Aeration is very important because it opens air channels, improves drainage, and loosens soil.  Be sure that your aeration method pulls plugs of soil instead of just creating holds in the ground.

5.    Your Lawn is at Stake, Be Sure to Rake

Although raking isn’t the most enjoyable task, it is important for your lawn.  Raking leaves as soon as some have fallen is crucial to the success of your lawn.  If you wait too long to rake, the leaves can become wet, which causes them to mat and suffocate your grass. 

Fall has arrived and Ehlinger Lawn Care Service is ready to prepare your lawn for spring! We have the tools and experience to ensure your lawn is taken care of. Give us a call so we can help make your lawn beautiful!

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1. Guy Gardener wrote:
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Mon, January 22, 2018 @ 12:59 AM

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